For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

  John 1:17



What Does a Law Enforcement Chaplain Do?

· Offers moral and spiritual support when called upon to a hurting and frustrated officer or

  when an officer is injured or ill.

· Enlists volunteers to work on community law enforcement projects.

· Provides officer and family support.

· Enables deputies and police officers who protect and serve our communities to carry out

  their responsibilities more effectively.

· Assists with death notifications.

· Represents the sheriff/chief and department in a variety of appropriate duties in the

  community, including prayers at ceremonies, awards and review boards.


Blue and White Sundays

A Blue and White Sunday is a special Sunday set side to honor the law enforcement officers of your

community according to Rom. 13:1-8. I allows your church, and community through media coverage to

show their appreciation to the men and women who risk their lives each day to protect you. Complete

Law Enforcement preparation and package. Includes, letters and flyers to your mayor, media, all

your local law enforcement agencies, and to your church as well. Detailed church set-up suggestions tips

and ideas to help your church get involved and prepare to honor your local law enforcement (police,

county and state) on this special day at your Church.


Line of Duty Death Manual

This L&GM manual directs the Duty Commander to delegate this enormous responsibility to five

appointed officers to quickly and efficiently organize and direct a departmental death procedure during

this time of crisis. It has a easy to read flow chart with a complete listing of duties and a checklist to

follow until all has been accomplished. It works in coordination with the Illinois Sheriff’s Association

recommendations offering a total package including contact with full honor and color-guard for funeral

services as well as thorough follow-up information with “Concerns for Police Survivors” (C.O.P.S.)



Law Enforcement & Emergency Responders Debriefing

Helps these teams with: Symptoms caused by Post Traumatic Stress, grieving stages, causes and solution

of stress, emotion and suffering, anger and depression, fears, how to handle memories and nightmares,

forgiveness, love/marriage, family structure and parenting.



Our Law enforcement chaplains are available to ride along with the officer and can assist when called on

in some domestic certain situations and follow-up counseling.


Death Notification Manual

On occasion a deputy or other law enforcement officer is the only one available to make that dreaded

notification that someone’s next of kin or loved one has passed away with no time to prepare. The law

enforcement chaplain can assist with this unpleasant duty when called upon to do so even in the early

hours of the morning, and will stay and continue to comfort and assist while the officer can resume his

/her duty on the road, knowing they are not left alone.



Victim Assistance

What do I do if I am a victim of a crime? Victims of crime often feel that their victimization continues

into the court system. They find themselves confronted by an often frustrating process which they do not

fully understand. The L&GM chaplain can help with resource information, counseling, court appearance,

procedural information, transportation assistance and escort to the courtroom.