For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

  John 1:17



L&GM is dedicated to seeing sinners converted to Jesus Christ, their homes reunited and family units placed into local New Testament


To give direction and encourage those in law enforcement and their families, supporting them spiritually, morally, and professionally,

    preserving their honor and respect.

Our goal and mission is to equip chaplains to serve law-enforcement, corrections and the community, as well as the local church. We

     understand that upon release many inmates will need further teaching and instruction to be an effective asset to his or her community.

     Therefore we make our materials available to the local church as well with further sound Bible instruction and teaching.

Our desire is to stop the cycle of recidivism and the “revolving door” of men and women in and out of the criminal Justice System and the

    following generations. But unless the power of God intervenes in their personal lives, personal victory remains near impossible.

We believe a chaplain trained in corrections can work with the criminal and general inmate alike. We preach Christ and teach biblical morals

    and principles that will help men and women make right choices and decisions giving them personal and family victory, and leading them to

    the only One who can set them free from the shackles of sin and crime, changing their lives forever.

To provide professionally trained missionary chaplains who will train and plant others to work in the Criminal Justice System of America

    with the Gospel of Christ.



Your Involvement

Local jail and state and federal prisons.

Local law enforcement chaplains.

An opportunity to serve as a ministry through your local church.

Contact your regional dir. with Law and Grace Ministries and let him know you are interested.



A chance for one our deputations teams to present this ministry in your local church.

Regular missions support and love offerings

Our Regional Directors and missionaries are not funded or compensated by the facilities they work in, but are totally dependent upon the

   local church and Deputation meetings. They supply and pay for their materials out of the support from the local churches who support them

   or it comes out of their own pocket.

We are also available for missions, conferences, pulpit supply, and Blue and white Sundays.



We can do nothing until we pray. As a local church body, please remember us in prayers as often as you can.