For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

  John 1:17


Chaplains Corrections Training and Orientation- 8hours.

Much comes right out of the Illinois Correctional Officer five weeks training from the PTI in Springfield, and equips the volunteer chaplain with and understanding and awareness of the facility he works in but also the stresses of the CO he will be working alongside of.


Law & Grace Corrections Training includes:

Safety and Security

Do’s and Don’ts and Jail Standards

Inmate Rights and Legal Liability

Jail Privileges, Services and Visitation

Counseling and Behavior Studies

General Inmates and Criminals

Confidentiality and the Law

Classification and Documentation

This training can be made available or mandatory to all volunteer clergy if desired.


Curriculum Courses

12 basic Bible courses teaching inmates: Christian principles, personal responsibility, learning new habits, good morals, husband & wife relationships and marriage counseling, family training, science and the Bible, and much more. These courses are all graded and certificates of competition are awarded for each one.


Counseling programs:

Alcohol/ Substance Abuse Counseling

Is a 14 lesson Bible based and Christ centered counseling designed to help individuals successfully leave addiction of all kinds and help them deal with related issues with new life development skills


Anger Management

“Good and Angry” is a 12 lesson counseling that examines biblical examples of men and women who demonstrated anger even fury and the consequences of their behavior. Teaches application of Christian replacement principles and a proper reaction to life’s problems.


Ministry of Hope

There are few that are as broken hearted as those who were abused as children. Now adults, the object of this course is to deal with the effects of past abuse with biblical solutions and answers to the problems with which these survivors may still be struggling. Ministry of Hope is a 14 step course written by Todd R. Cook. “He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted.“ Luke 4:18


Parenting and Family Counseling

Nine Bible based lessons dealing with such things as: God our role model in parenting, our proper heart attitude will raise our children with hearts for God, developing good communication with our children and with God, setting boundaries, moral training and helps to parents.


Finance and Budget Counseling

A biblical six lesson course complete with all the real life practical forms to create a working budget, keep a balanced checkbook with even putting money in savings, as one learns the difference and importance between wants and needs.